Boys hit it off much better than girls. So true!

This post is a reply to a post Shades of Jade wrote about how I met some of her friends last week at buba.

The guys really hit it off with the girls just sitting around and moping. Sharing ‘wtf’ looks and hitting people (me) when comments are spoken to loud.

Its obvious we get on much better that girls do. Cause we don’t look for differences. Women obviously do.

One factor is appearance. All women are fighting over how good they look. They better they look the more confident they are when it comes to meeting people. If there is something that they are not happy about they will not participate in a social gathering scared that it will bring attention to them and to this negative factor. Woman’s fashions is a competitive world. If a girl walks into a party and see’s the same dress on another girl. The rest of the night gets depressing. Men on the other hand will be like :

“Nice shoes buddy!”

“Looks better on me than on you!”

“Oh. Nice. Burn. Hi I’m Ahamed”

Men Don’t care. Most men don’t really care about the differences. They always look for the common ground. The more common ground there is, the more we hit it off. Like on Saturday. Male number 1 is an Art Director. Which is what I want to do in the future. So we spoke about that. Then we moved on to gaming in which both Male 1 and 2 both are into. We spoke about the PS3 and how we need to make a date so that we can game 24/7. Then number 1 and I both download comics and read comics and so that was another hugh jump in our friendship. Male number 2 and I got along better because both of were funny. Or maybe I was really funny and he laughed at all my jokes. Also we like brunettes over blondes.

Bitching. Men are naturally bigger bitches than women. I admit it. But the thing is we don’t actually know we’re bitching. And the information is mainly about girls since we are the hunters and hunters talk about prey. Actually the topic was about another Chantal which resulted us talking about the Chantal that Male 1 and 2 know whom we have heard about. Then we spoke about her body, her face, about paper bags on her face etc etc. And what did the girls do while we were bitching about their fellow woman? Why they chipped in with a “Ooo I heard she slept with so and so”

So yes men do kick it better than women.

You know it, I know, Some people just don’t believe it.


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