Of Unemployment and joblessness

Im now a proud graduate. I have finished school and now am waiting to pursue higher studies. There is a huge time gap inbetween high school and college. Especially if your planning on going to Malaysia which follows the Aussie Timetable. I have roughly 7 months of time to myself. But like many other children I have parents who think thats too much time.

Their solution is that i get a job.

Im totally up for it. I need the extra cash and I could use the time away from the house. Then theres the other problem.

Recession. Which equals to less hiring more firing. So finding a job is hard. So while I wait for replies from the firms I seem to have completed a lot of random rubbish.

I’ve sorted out my Readers Digest bookshelf. In proper order. I even read through most of them. Well actually all of 2009 in one day.

I’ve found most of my comics. JLA, Batman, Superman, Garfeild and Calvin and Hobbes. I’ve sorted them out as well. And read through them too. But it took more than a day.

I’ve started updating my photo blog a bit more regularly. Drop by there and leave a comment 🙂

I’ve fixed up and old computer of mine. Its only got 256 MB of Ram but im shopping for more.

Im also shopping for a new laptop. Got my eyes on the Dell Studio XPS. That laptop is the sex. But thats only window shopping. Need the money first.

Im going to get my drivers lisence sorted out tomorrow. Its quite a pain i tell you but it has to be done.

Anyway im off to the neighbours. Catch ya later.


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