Friendly Fire

The Koran by Ahamed NizarThe Koran by Ahamed Nizar

I think this is my first post on religion. I’m not exactly a strong believer of my religion. My name says what religion I am. Whether I am a believer or not its a different thing. And I really like my name for some reason.

I am a Muslim. I’m not hardcore. I don’t get offended when they make comments on our religion or on how we dress or even when they drew those cartoons of our prophet. We are human and we all criticize no matter what we say. Whether we shout it out loud or say it in our head we are still criticizing.

Also after a certain incident which included a set of concrete twins and a plane a large label were placed on Muslims. The label had the words TERRORIST written on it quite boldly and it resulted to most of the Muslim population (supposedly) to be outcast. I know friend’s who haven’t been able to get visa into America due to the fact that they are Muslims.

It is possible to say that more than 50% of terrorists are Muslims. I really don’t know why. Is it our religion that is taken to the extreme and then lashed out at innocent people (Taliban).

All these guys you see on TV. Who claim that they are doing the work of God by killing a couple hundred people or destroying people are not representing religion. They’re representing their own views. One guy said that he will make England a Muslim country. I don’t know how he’s going to do that but I wished him good luck anyway.

The Taliban enforcing all the strict codes against women? Maybe cause they watched too much “Las Vegas” or “GTA San Andreas” and realized they’re not getting enough ass? And since it is against the religion to go get random ass they decided that If they can’t get it; Then no one can! Except of course the husbands.

Just today on CNN I saw some woman who was going to get lashed for indecent clothing. She was once a UN ambassador and all that and still they want to lash her for wearing pants that were too tight!

It is said in our religion for women to cover up their cleavage and what not. Supposedly its so that women don’t invite trouble. But yeah look how far that’s gotten her.

No matter what happens we are humans and we have to fight over something. My sister once said even if all the people in the world were one colour we would find something else to fight about.

Now looking at the issue locally. Recently there was a small problem down south that the papers called “The Beruwela Incident”

Read the papers for the full story but the nutshell was that two different Muslim groups had fought over some feast or something. One group had a feast and the other group didn’t like the feast (Cause they weren’t invited?) and decided to gate crash and start the party. It resulted with two people getting killed and a lot of food wasted. Updates say that supposedly some preacher was the one who started the chaos by building up the hate with his sermons.

While the search goes on for him. Tell me. Where do you stand?


2 thoughts on “Friendly Fire

  1. I had a few misconceptions about Muslims until I made quite a few friends after school. and also after reading books like Hosseini’s Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns…it showed that there are many sides of being a Muslim. It’s just western media which propagates this hate and mainly, mistrust. But i really don’t know why these radicalists don’t see that they are only hurting the image of their own religion.

  2. religion does no good to this world.Religion is the root cause o many issues in the world.Eventhough, it has comforted some of its believers,many were hurt by it.Christianity,Judaism,Islam and even Buddhism has blood on its hand.Science has stripped religion and da asshole called god so it’s time people throw these religions to the dustbin

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