Pursuit of Happyness

If you see below I wrote a post on the rage that I have been feeling for the past few weeks. I’ve decided alternate outputs and its working out. Im letting go of my stress by doing outdoor activities and anything that keeps me active. Its quite rewarding. I’ve been losing weight with all the jogging and gyming. Im also working on my drawing by doodling when I have free time.

Music plays quite a big part in my emotion brewed sea storm. I listen to Ministry of Sound’s Addicted to Bass 2009 when i work out or am gyming. Even while im capping heads in Counter Strike. I listen to Ministry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide Summer 2009 and Chillout Classics when I want to unwind. I put all three cd’s in my cd player and just sit on the bed for hours letting the music flow into me and calming me down. Its amazing how it actually works on calming me down. Right now im listening to Moony – I don’t know why. Its such a soothing track.

I met Ameer a bit, Im at his place at the moment. He’s showering after work and afterwards we’re g0ing to have some dinner and just chill on the garden. It sound romantic I wish ameer was a girl.

Moving on to the fairer sex. I appear to have a crush on a friend of mine. She doesn’t live here but she came down for the summer. I met her at Amuseum and things happened between us. I still haven’t called her or anything. Maybe I should or maybe i should just leave it at the way things are. Sigh.

Im planning on getting away from the city for a bit. Will have to meet up with Ranuk and discuss these things. Maybe to loose my anger in the mists of N’Eliya or in the waves of A’Bay.

(Rage + Counfusion = Me)


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