Of Transformers, Hot Dogs, Apple Twist and Partying

These couple of weeks have been quite happening for moi. I firstly went to watch Transformers which sadly I must say sucked. They tried to put too much into the 110 mins and in the end didn’t focus on anything. Everything was short lived and it didn’t last. Most people were like “OMG the graphics were so cool” Yeah but the story sucked. There was very little emphasis on anything! Bumblebee didn’t have much scenes or lines even though at the end of the first movie he could speak. And the final battle where Optimus goes against the Fallen and Megatron, It finishes in about a minute. And that’s supposed to be the great battle!

The Hot Dogs on the other hand are good. Not like the elephant house hot dogs which are short from legendary. These Star Hot Dogs or whatever are quite the thang. The are firstly 10 inches in length. For those of you who flashed on an African man. Its a lot thinner.The hot dogs can be topped with a variety of fillings such as mustard or chilli to cheese. This hot dog cart can be found at the Majestic City Food Court. Be sure to try the Chef’s Special.

Smirnoff’s Green Apple Twist was the drink for a crazyWednesday night last week. Going through 3 bottles of it we crawled our way from my friends place to tabu to continue the night in style. This Friday I was supposed to head to theΒ  Mansion party on Park Street. It was supposed to be the party of the summer but apparently it wasn’t that good. I wouldn’t know since I never made it. I ended up at Amuseum unable to dance due to the crowd and downing champagne in the car park.

Last night was also crazy. A friend of mine had a small suite party at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. There we a large amount of fun and games. ‘Fun’ covers the booze section as well. He being a respectful muslim had a halal poker tournment which i won. There was halal champagne as well. I left the party with money and a bottle of Apple Barcardi. Oh what a night.

But on a more serious tone I’ve enrolled myself for a Graphics Designing course to keep my self occupied until i got to uni in feb (Insha -Allah!). I’ve also decided to travel a bit more. Going to head downsouth at the end of the month for the festivities but maybe around September i’ll be around Arugambay and Trinco. Maybe even Killinochi or Jafna. Nothing like rolling with the CID.

Hope the days and nights have been good for you as well πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Of Transformers, Hot Dogs, Apple Twist and Partying

  1. Well i thought transformers was awesome…… because i went to watch a bunch of tin cans bash each other and thats JUST what i got.. i mean the movie was never meant to be about the acting or story. It was just to kick ass πŸ™‚ i loved it.

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