These days I’ve been really angry. Angry at my parents. Angry at my friends. Angry at myself. Angry for no reason.

I seriously don’t know whats wrong with me. Maybe its all the years of bottling the anger inside of me. Im a chilled out guy. Anything happens ill be the one saying “Chill out” or “It’s gonna be ok”. But thats what dreamers says. As of lately i’ve become a realist. And I know its not going to be alright.

Its like someone took the bottle of Anger inside of me and shook it and opened it. Now the rage is spraying itself all over at everyone. I even said some mean things to a friend of mine which was uncalled for.

I’m calm at the moment, alone at home on a sunday in front of the PC watching Chuck. I think I should start an activity to curb my anger or to release it into something constructive.

Maybe kickboxing…


3 thoughts on “Rage

  1. You need to find a non violent channel to let that out, if not, chances are you are gonna react to a small situation in an over proportionate manner, and that’s not a place you wanna be.

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