16 August 1977

Jeff was attending a movie at the Liberty Cinema. It was an action flick as he says. Could be “action” but he’ll never tell me. He and the gang were leaving Liberty to cross the road to a small kade that sold cigarettes. Now the cigarette shop is Liberty Plaza. They smoked the cigarettes while listening to the small radio that was playing in the background, drowned by the voices of the inhabitants. But one sentence put the noise to a stop.

“It appears that Elvis Presley’s body has been found dead in a bathroom”

Everyone stood still. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead.

June 26th 2009

I was downstairs having breakfast. Pancakes and Seeni Sambo. An East meets West dish that my mother makes. Jeff was sitting across me enjoying a smoke and talking about the swine flu crisis. Its Rahul’s birthday I take my phone out to call him. The effects of hikka still going through my body. As I take my phone out Ranuk calls me. All he says is “Michael Jackson is dead”

What an icebreaker. Mum puts the kitchen television on. Its all over CNN. Breaking news. The King of Pop is dead.

I was always a MJ fan. I’ve attempted the moonwalk, sang “beat it” to people I don’t like and even contemplated plastic surgery. I have all his albums. On my pc. While dad has better boasting points saying he has MJ’s vinyl records.

Whats sad was that for the past decade people have been making fun at him, accusing him and laughing at him. Now that he’s dead they all praise him. There are Michael Jackson posters all over Majestic City and album sales have risen. I remember once on VH1 where they were laughing at him for bumping onto the stage while walking up to get an award. So what if he did? Its pretty normal to bump into anything. Noooo but hes Michael Jackson lets just laugh at him.

He will always be a legend no matter what. Someone who revolutionized the music industry with his smooth moves and amazing talent.


2 thoughts on “Legends

  1. It’s the end of an era….”Thriller” defined a freaking generation.

    I have “Black or White” on repeat on my pc right now…one of my all time favorite songs!!

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