All I’ve been doing these couple of weeks has been studying. Studying. And more studying!

From sex addiction to learning styles in psych, to Ansoff’s matrix and five forces in business, its all in my head!

My study method is making short notes. I first study the text in detail. Notes, Tutes or Internet material; I study it all.

Then I write down short notes on it while skimming through the content. Using keywords to highlight an area. A 10 mark evaluation answer that would go on for 2 pages would be summarized in 6 points. Something like that.

So constantly my right hand does the writing while the left hand holds onto the book. Which means they are full and are unable to do other actions such as hair parting and ball scratching.

So to save time i do a quick hyperspeedballscratch. So fast that you dont see my hand move. Its fast and effective and noone gets hurt. Im happy, my balls are happy and I move on with teaching styles in psychology.

Even now i just did it. Inbetween the n and w. Wow im good.

Anyway hope its good 🙂


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