Readers Rights, Bloggers Block.

Its been quite a hectic couple of weeks. I have exams coming up and this is taking up all my lovely computer time. This means less time to blog more time to study. In between reading my psychology case studies and business texts i make it a point to read a good book. I’ve read two really good books which my sister bought back when she came from uni. I’ve read em before but i wanted to read em again. Catching up as they say.

The books are Happy by Keith Gray and Noodle Head by Jonathan Kebbe.

Happy is about this teen who wants to start a band called Happy. He dreams about going on stage and saying ” Hi we’re happy and we hope you are too”.

To which I reply. No. There’s a Yoko Ono in this band as well.

Noodle Head is about this teenager who keeps running away from school and they finally arrest him and dump him in a correctional facility where they drug you to correct you. He ends up planning an escape and runs away to this blind girl.

You should try reading these books, quite humorous, quite inspiring.

Im not happy? Are you?

Im not happy? Are you?

You dont need dope to cope! Or do you?

Now moving onto the block. Its not that I don’t have time like I mentioned before its also that i really don’t know what to write. I wrote a small draft on the post war issue called Aftermath. Thats yet to be published. After 2 attempts to try and type it just didn’t work out and now hangs around my draft folder. I even wrote a poem, something i haven’t published in a long time. That also is in the draft folder being bullied by my Aftermath post.

I hardly have been out of the house, its quite depressing I tell you. Can’t even sleep. Normally i would stay up and write but I can’t even try doing that. Sigh. I have to send DeeCee my video by tonight.

Exams i tell you…


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