A Chocolate Story

My previous post showed how much of a chocolate addict I am. After posting it and seeing the comments i remembered a story my mum once told me about her only son.
This guy at a young age was stuck up and snobbish. He thought the colour brown was disgusting and thus didn’t eat chocolate. His mother feeling sorry for her son gave him white chocolate one day.

He couldn’t believe that that brown thing was actually this tasty. Soon the brown thing that disgusted him was now a part of him. It keeps him going, makes him live longer and empties his wallet.

Thanks mum for showing me the Chocolate. Love you 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Chocolate Story

  1. really being addicted to chocolate is the best thing that ever happen to me 🙂 I inhale and never exhale when I smell chocolate
    nice !!!

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