Techno Baby, Techno

What dad normally asks –  “What crap are you listening to now?”

To which i reply, “Techno Baby, Techno”.

Beat by beat, sound by sound its the music that takes you onto a whole new level. The music that makes you move no matter where you are or what you are on. Not many people like techno, they just say its only good when your on drugs, which i cant disagree on, but comeon give it some credit.

Its 2.30 AM and im listening to On the weekends they have some crazy techno podcasts that they air. Namely Roger Sanchez’s “Release Yourself” and Hed Kandi with David Dunn. Also they have their own stuff which their DJ spins from their station. I’ve seen him do it. Long time back there was DJ Anzar who i happened to meet when came to Crescat for christmas. I chilled with him on a saturday night at around 11PM. Watching him spin on quite a magnificent deck, he thought me a thing on two and i got to talk on air as well. He didn’t talk much, mostly a thumbs up which he put up for everything i asked him.

“Whats this song?”

Thumbs up

“What does that button do?”

Thumbs up

Destination Calabria is playing now and im so elated. On saturday nights like this me and R call each other up (if we haven’t gone out that is) and dance around his room. He decorates his room with putting coloured tee’s over his lights while i use a dimmer. And we just dance the night away till around 3AM.

God i love this sound.


3 thoughts on “Techno Baby, Techno

  1. House in all it’s forms is what gets me through the days at work…Above & Beyond, Tiesto and Mat Darey have some amazing podcasts.

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