Blame it on the Choc-choc-choc-olate

I am currently high. Not from weed or alcohol but from chocolate.

I currently am on :

  • Two spoons of Nutella in the morning
  • Two pieces of Chocolate Cake
  • 500 ml Chocolate milk from Kiri Kade
  • More Nutella
  • Two scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream with Nutella
  • A Chocolate Suprise doughnut from GoNuts
  • More Nutella after dinner.

Damn this feels good. Oh and Keels is having a buy 2 get 1 free Nutella promotion. Go get some!


6 thoughts on “Blame it on the Choc-choc-choc-olate

  1. oh man tell me about it. i bought 3 bottles. 2 1/2 have rapidly disappeared over 2 weeks. i’ve experimented with all kinds of things – strawberries, marie biscuits and even cornflakes. yummeh.

  2. Hehe OMG that much chocolate? I need to try out the choc surprise too! I loved the choconut one..
    Seriously though isn’t it amazing that no matter how many flavours we try out, chocolate ALWAYS wins handsdown?

  3. delilah, i finished 2 bottles in 3 days… 1 more to go 🙂

    Niroshinie, Chocolate rules. I once met a guy who doesn’t eat chocolate. i felt so sorry for him.

    LD, Keells pay me. 🙂

    Dee : Go to your nearest Keells to get some nutella!

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