Goldleaf and Plain Tea

School had gotten a bit boring, And R wasn’t feeling to well so he and i sneaked out of school to Ruk’s place. Its next door. Walking into his apartment which overlooked the school grounds i clumsily unlocked the door.

The door creak broke the silence the apartment was holding for so long. My first action was to raid the fridge. It was empty. R went to on the fan and look for the kettle. We were going to have one of Sri Lanka’s most favourite meals.

Goldleaf and Plain tea.

The kettle was found on the floor behind the curtain. The plug didn’t work unless you stepped on it. Which we did for the first minute, then we put a coat hanger on the plug. We just sat back on the bed. This was the second bed in the house. There are three. He sleeps on each of them depending on his mood. Yes he’s a weird boy.

The water heated soon. Tea was made without a word. There was no sugar so the i was dreading the taste of the tea. I even planned on putting salt into it, but i thought against it. The water was the right temperature. Apparently the kettle doesn’t go all the way to boiling point. Cheap shit.

The pack had only 2 cigarettes. Perfect. The match struck and fire was ignited. Lighting my goldleaf i inhaled slowly. I hate the taste of Goldleaf. It smells alot more than other cigarettes, but i didn’t have much of a choice. I don’t even smoke out of habit, I just do it for the heck of it. No addiction or whatever the awareness letters say. I sipped the plain tea. It was bad. But beggars can’t be choosers.

The conversation began. Talking to R is probably one of my favourite things. His dad is in the CID so i get all the real info off all the cases and about the war. His dad is there at the moment, at the war zone. We spoke of so many things it would be hard to believe we did that in the life span of one cigarette. We spoke of graduation and of the war. Of life and of love.

I blew the smoke at intervals, watching the smoke form shapes and trying to find meaning in the poisonous gas. Soon the goldleaf was over, and so was the tea. We cleaned up. We kept the pack, Ruk likes to collect them in a bag. He has about 25 now. God knows what he’s going to do with them.

We sprayed ourselves with perfume and left the apartment, making sure we locked up and cleared up behind us. Soon we were walking back to school after one of Sri Lanka’s most favourite meal. Something that I can have for years to come.


6 thoughts on “Goldleaf and Plain Tea

  1. Ahhh… yes, nothing beats that.
    Between classes I’m always at the little petti-kade next to college with a plain tea and a ciggie. Benson though 😛

    And there’s way worse stuff than Gold Leaf!
    Hopefully you’ve never had the displeasure of having someone smoke a Gold Seal next to you, the smoke and smell gives you a fucking headache… ugh.

    B&H ftw xD
    I like Gold Leaf though 😛

  2. Bro, I sooooooooo know what you mean!
    Brings back the old memories, cos we used to do the same back then. Sneaking out of the school, go to the favorite joint of ours and have a smoke. Then hanging around here and there…
    It was life!

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