While i was gone

I’ve been away for a while. ALOT has changed on kottu, but everything has been circulating around the Nibras Bawa guy who is really loving the attention. So good for him, let him have his fun. Though he was successful. No one knew who the fuck he was until now.

While i was away i leared alot of things. Some of the kottu bloggers. I didnt exactly dig it up or stalk or what not. Information like this comes to me.

What i found out :

  • Lady Divines real name
  • Where DC works
  • Whackster and his cousin
  • RD’s wife and daughters name (also i already knew everything Nibras has put up about RD)
  • Who Angel with a pitchfork is

I seriously dont know how i was able to find out all this. Hint? People talk 🙂


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