This Bawa fellow

Wow i’ve been under the radar for quite a while and once i come back another blogger has spiced up the kottu. The imbalanced spice this time is Nibras Bawa.

I really dont know who he is. I’ve never read his blog. I thought he was Jeffery’s brother. He’s going on the old lines of any media is good media. Which to be honest is a good tactic. After i came back i realized that his name dominated my blogrolls and the kottu tops.

So awesome great you actually got professional help to find out about RD. I can tell you easier ways but i think your too busy for little people like me 🙂

And you seriously cant pick on DC, shes a sweetheart! Plus you cant exactly call her a young fart when your acting like a 15 year old. No offense, just pointing out the obvious.

Anyway you must be damn happy to be ruling kottu with such controversy.

You want a medal?


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