Dad Quotes

Me :  Whats your favourite colour?

Dad : Hmmm… Multi Colour.

Dad : Here whats this song i heard on the radio (sings, offtune) – Dont you wish your girl was as hot as me…

Dad (After i come into the house after school) : Where the hell have you been?!

Me : In school! Its Monday!  Where else would i be?

Dad : Oh i thought it was still Sunday. Sigh

Dad in 1980 something : Is Mr Lee in the house?

Maid :Which Lee are u looking for? Hong Lee, Wong Lee or Shin Lee?

Dad : The second one.

Maid : He’s not in, Who do i say came?

Dad : er… Just say Faz Lee was here!

More to come…


10 thoughts on “Dad Quotes

  1. lol… reminds me of the time my mom thought “drop it like it’s hot” was “drop it ‘my guitar’ “… :S

    sweet though. 🙂

  2. lol…..oh n it was mortifying to hear him sing ‘Dontcha wish ur girlfriend was hot like me….’
    And then even worse…we were in the car and ‘My Humps’ by BEP was playing…..n he started singing along n said…’nyc tune no’..
    wonder if he knew what the ‘humps’ were…..certainly not the ones that are part of the road…
    ahh my daddy

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