Im going to tell you a story of a friend. I never knew her well. Seesh i don’t think she even knew who i was but we were connected through my cousin.

We shall call her J. Bright, Beautiful, everything your parents would want you to be. She was a bikini model and a dentist to be. Currently studying in the big apple she was wanted by all. She had a father, a mother and a brother like any normal person. The story goes :

Many men chased her. Many were lucky. Sometimes she wasn’t. She dated a Bengali fellow whom she met in Canada. They went out, he wanted him to convert to Muslim, she said no, they broke up. They went their separate ways. She smiled and moved on her. He bitterly stood still, quietly as his parents got him married off to a woman he did not want to be.

Hes been married to her for two years. But he still follows J around. It came to a point where she was scared to leave her hostel to cross the road for coffee. Soon it came to a point where she turned to her ex boyfriend to “take care of the matter”. Which he did under the table. While he was standing outside her hostel he was attacked by goons in black. The didn’t kill him. Though i wish they did. They gave him a warning and set him free. Big mistake.

She was now happy, free to go where ever and when ever. She thought that with that incident she was free. But she was wrong. This January he came back. With more of his friends. She had left the hostel to get coffee and she was followed back. Which running up the hostel stairs she was confronted, beaten up and thrown down numerous flights of stairs. At around the same time they even hit her brother, who was miles away.

She suffered broken bones, hips and was paralyzed waist down. The doctors gave her a choice. A spinal surgery that had a 50% chance of success. She took the risk and flipped the coin. Heads for success and tails for failure.

She got tails.

She was in a coma and was so for a month before they pulled the plug on her. Not even 27 years of age.

He had come back to her room and written “The infidel had it coming”. All that just cause she said no to Islam and he couldn’t take  a dumping.

What happened to him? Oh he’s back with his wife as if though nothing happened. The NYPD cant press charges because they dont have enough evidence.

Justice, anyone?


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