The Chess Game of Life

I realized i don’t have much drama in my life and im quite happy for it.
I wake up in the morning get ready and go to school. When im there i get involved in a chess game. I’m moving the pieces to this game, black as that is my favourite colour. The only thing i have to do is think. And the thinking is not for me. The thinking is so that my pieces get around safely eliminating the other pieces from the board.
I move the pawns carefully. Placing them in vulnerable boxes around the board where they can be attacked. Which they are out in the open, praying for their loved ones and being grateful for their service to the large hand that moves them, the bishops, knights and rooks await patiently in the shadows waiting for anyone foolish enough to take out the pawn.
Like every chess game in this however it is the Queen that must be protected and not the King. The King like in normal kingdoms is in the battle. Repaying hes dept to the hand that made him king.
And so i keep moving my pieces and the other side also keeps moving his pieces and its a never ending game of thinking and counter thinking.
Only then do i realize im playing against myself. And i have alot to loose more than i realize.

Chess by Lilithia

Chess by Lilithia


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