Full House!

Well its that time of the year. Or two years where my favourite family members drop down to visit. Its not that i dont like my family members who are staying here but i like the ones abroad as well.

Especially my cousins the dynamic doctor duo. One a qualified dentist from Manipal and her younger brother whos in medical college in Bangledesh. Shes down here for about an year. While her brother till May. We’re looking for an appartment for her to buy. But all the places we’ve looked so far have either been terrible in standards and had annoying neighbours.

My sister is coming down as well. Somewhere along the 20th of this month. Shes bringing chocolates i hope! I tried asking her for booze but thats pushing it a bit too far. Shes a hardcore muslim.

The Father of the Doctors will also be in. Another Doctor. Wow i know, 3 docs in the family. He’s one of my favourite uncles. Full of wisdom and zippo tips.

We’re currently making a follow up to our Airtel Spoof which can be watched here. The reason being is that we’ve been challenged by another set of people. They made their own video which i will show later.

So the brainstorming for that video continues.

Ill put it up when im done. Till then watch this.


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