Immortal Love

An Immortal once walked the land. Tall and handsome he was for time did not age him. He grew bored and miserable of his never ending life for he could not share it with anyone. Feeling his depression the Gods called his soul to their castle in the sky to ask him if he would like to join them in the sky as a God himself.Free from his suffering on Earth.

The Immortal declined.

Confused by his decision the Gods demanded an explanation. And explained he did.

On his way to the Castle in the Sky he saw a young couple meet in the dead of the night away from each of their parents. They were lovers in their hearts but could never be together for it hurt the girls pride. The boy was nothing but a beggar, who lived on the scraps of the kingdom. The girl was a princess. The most beautiful in the kingdom with a pearly smile that melted hate. Her father, the King had thrown the boy in the cellar and he awaited the gallows at dawn. The girl could not see this through for she knew that this was the only person in the world who would make her truly happy. She helped his escape and now they are on the run.

The Gods were still confused. They did not feel the emotions petty mortals did. They did not know love for power was what they felt. They wondered why an immortal, someone blessed with never ending life would not want to join them and wield the power.

The Immortal replied : “I have walked all lands, witnessed history being made; i know more knowledge of this Earth than any other but yet, Iam not happy.  So i will wait. Wait for the one who will make me truly happy.”

And wait he did. For the one that will make him truly happy.


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