My high school graduation is in exactly two months. Most people here have by passed school graduation which is my upcoming milestone. Most of your last milestones were probably University graduation or getting a new job or a house, or getting married, having two kids and then getting divorced.

I really dont know how to feel about it. Im not one for emotions really and thus im at the start of a forked road. Do i feel happy that im leaving school and going to university and experiencing a new life in a new country. Or should i feel sad that im going to leave behind the people that matter the most to me. People who have been there through the thick and the thin. Its the thing about school that makes you young.

Where really you can get away with whatever you like and a bad reputation with the cool kids is the end of the world. Im going to line up my emotions on the day that i leave school. I wont cry, I wont woop for joy either. Ill just be happy that i had experienced it the best way possible.


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