Plans, Planes and Potatoes

So Friday night was gonna be the bomb digity. I had planned a perfect, fool proof plan for me to go out, have a good time and take care of my new-to-the-clubbing-scene friend. I personally have lost interest in clubbing but he wanted to so i decided to be chaperone. So i was chilling at friends place, waiting for another friend to call so that we can all get together and go when something i never calculated into my plan happened.


LTTE planes. Apparently in Colombo. I was just wondering, we have a fucking radar and still they were able to get as close as Trans Asia. Their target was the air force base next door not Trans Asia though. Dont think anyone would want to blow up Trans Asia yet.  There was not 1 plane, but 2 that were able to get into the capital.

It was a suicide plane mission. Something simmilar to 9-11 but our WTC was fine. NDTV showed some pictures of the pilots with Big tiger before they went airborne.

So due to this fiasco which some people have commented that its staged. God knows. I spent the night at my friends house deprived of going out. Which is really a small issue and nothing as large as the 40 odd injured.

The next day, Which is today. I decided to spend at home and make a small dinner for my friends. The dinner was Baked Honey Chicken and chips. I had a small issue peeling the potatoes. It was my first time and i realized after 20 pain staking minutes that i was holding the peeler the wrong way.

Ah what a Weekend. Lets see what saturday holds for me.


3 thoughts on “Plans, Planes and Potatoes

  1. was the dinner yummeh? :S want! oh and i was driving in thimbirigasyaya when the lights went out. i was like eh?! turned round and rushed home. cant take a chance eh.

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