Valentines Day

Its the 14 of February. The only day of the year cupid descends from the clouds to mark human beings with arrows which make you fall in love. The other days of the year hes busy getting wasted in the clouds with his friends, so you people who claim to fall in love on other days of the year. Your lying. Haha

Valentines Day named after some guy who aided couples elope or something like that. We honor this day by buying expensive flowers and chocolates and book up the most expensive restaurants to make our other half feel more special. But isn’t she/he special for you the other days of the year?

Maybe is an excuse. While the flower shops and the chocolate shops get richer and the restaurants get booked up, we’re here thinking on this day love is in the air. Its contagious its always in the air.

Or maybe it is a special day. Where the whole world is in love. On the 14th of February where couples love each other more. And thus this extra energy will fuel something else. Like an earthquake or something.

Maybe its a day to remind single people to get hooked quickly before its too late. Or maybe its a day to remind singles that we’re alone and thats how its going to be. Well im single, im listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift and i plan on going for dinner at Buba tonight with other single people.

Who knows by the end of the day ill find someone 😉



5 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. valentines day was introduced by Hallmark(yes, the card bastards!) and thats why it turnd into a “romantic” holiday… apparently this valentine dude had nothin whatsoever to do with love!!
    u gotta love marketing strategies… brainy bastards!!!

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