Duminda De Silva

Is everywhere. There are posters of him everywhere! On every freaking wall. There are posters this balding, raping 30 some where posing with old people, handing school kids gifts and about to eat a baby.
Its like hes saying “Vote for me”


11 thoughts on “Duminda De Silva

  1. R. Duminda Silva is a protoshop expert. Let me tell you a story. Couple of months back, he used to date Anarkali. After they break down, Anarkali has told the media that Duminda Silva has removed Anarkali from the pictures where she and her friends posed, and put his pic instead of her. When people see the picture, at first sight what they realize is that Duminda Silva is in middle of a bunch of girls…..!!!! This is great Duminda Silva….He has done the same thing to some other pics too. Recently he was criticized regarding a particular poster where he and president are posed and soldiers salute. Once we see this pic, immediately what comes to our mind is that soldiers are saluting great Duminda Silva….oh…jesus!!!!!!!

  2. yes that’s right he is the child abuser(Bala Aparadha Karaya)
    Rapist Duminda Silva
    and Tried To Rape Anarkali Also
    Dont VOTE HIM

  3. to all who has nothing better to do than slander peoples reputation. if you concerntrate more on your lives, itll be a bit better. seems all of your’ll are jobless loosers, who are dissapointed with yourselves, therfore finding falt in others. so i guess it time that you atleast let the few people who help the poor to do so. since i’m sure u dont even spend a penny on a begger. RDumindhaSilva is a great man who help the poor in this country, so stop critisicinng him. and concerntrate on ur pathetic lives.

  4. R Dumindha Silva is such a great man. he has dedicated his life to help the poor and has carried out many development projects to aleviate poverty. awarded from many religious communities for his immense efforts in development projects, he will thrive in helping the poor, under the leadership of presindent of sri lanka.

  5. Duminda should die with these gun wounds. Sri Lanka do not need this rapist, thug, drug baron, and the murderer in our land. he is nothing but ‘a waste of space’!

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