A Womans World

This is too all the women out there who hated men and think that men should be locked up. You won. In about 60 years there will only 2% of men.

Its been in fiction such as the movie : The Last Man on Planet Earth. Which i must say is quite hilarious. A must see. Its been said in the Qur’an. Apparenlty, i remember my sister mentioning it. Its also been said in Readers Digest. According to RD (the magazine not the blogger) the number of XY gene sperm are reducing in each generation. So the number of baby boys being born get less as generations go. Look around you.

Lets look at kottu :

London Lanka has 2 daughters,

PLOB has 3 or 4 sisters if im not mistaken,

Ravana has a sister

JD has a neice and another neice on the way

Shru has 2 sisters

etc etc

Do you see it now?

Here’s something to read while you ponder. Guys, We lost.


6 thoughts on “A Womans World

  1. Mmmmm my three closest friends all have recent bouncing baby boys… wow… they are part of a lost (? losing?) generation… I think I’ll stock up on baby blue booties, just in case…

  2. well angel its only 2% so thats probably them. If in the family there are more boys than girls then its probably a chance for more baby boys. but then again you have to look at the spouses side.

    only time can tell.

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