Night terror

I woke up screamingagain. I sat upright allowing my eyes to focus. I’ve heard about this before. In Psychology class i think, not really sure. They called it Night Terror. Unfortunately for me they didn’t tell me how to over come it. I don’t have any clocks in my room. So there were no ticks like in the movies. Only pure silence. Soon the silence was broken by a raindrop on my roof. It sounded like the last remaining drop from an empty storm cloud or the beginning raindrops from a full rain cloud. Was it the beginning or the end?

I reached for my phone. Something every human being does now a days at times of fear. Or at all times. It was 3:12. Fuck, I need sleep. I glanced at the phone wallpaper. It was a picture of my 2 favourite girls. One near home and another five hours behind me. The same picture was stuck on my wall along with a few others. I couldn’t see them in the dark but i knew who was there smiling back at me.

My heart rate was reducing and i started to breathe slowly. I lied back down smiling. I cracked my knuckles and listened to the sound echo throughout my room. Another raindrop hit my ceiling, and then another. And then it started raining. My question had been answered. It was the beginning.


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