Ever heard of it? Its not exactly new its been happening for ages but now they’ve decided to give it a fancy name. Smirting.

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve done it myself. Its alot easier to go up to a girl and ask her if she’s got a light than try to conjure conversation from no where.

It all started when the smoking regulation kicked it and smoking was banned in most public places. Soon smokers had to huddle in smoking rooms or legal smoking sites and smoke. With the coming together of smokers came the usual borrowing of cigarettes and the passing of lighters. Soon this became a door way for conversation which normally with two sexes results in flirting. They called it Smirting.

And there is Passive Smirting as well. Its when you dont really smoke. But your friend does. And you start flirting with someone from the opposite sex who’s smoking.



5 thoughts on “Smirting

  1. I’ve figured this out for a while. Smokers are generally more social than other people. If you work in a large building, you’re more likely to know and talk to people from other offices because you’re a smoker.

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