Coffee Cup Confessions

He waits at the table,
coffee cup in his hand.
Replaying all his thoughts,
Preparing his speech all in his mind.

He looks into the coffee,
sees the darker him.
drinks the remainder of it
remembering his sins.

He signals for a refill,
the waitresses comes by.
fills his coffee cup to the brim
lets give it another try.

She sees him and walks towards him
a smile on her face
how could he tell her,
how could he look at her straight.

The waitress appears,
with a coffee cup and haste.
she surrounds the cup with her hands,
sips it for taste.

He looks into her eyes,
She looks into his.
She give him a smile,
he almost broke down and cried.

The ring he gave her gleamed against the cup
how can he face her can he give it up?
His mind wants to tell her everything
His heart fears the broken.

Soon he unfolds his secret,
The explanation of lies and deceits.
He mention the other woman in his life,
She cant believe what shes hearing
She looks at her feet,

And soon the there is nothing left in the mug,
What has been done has been done,
She gets up and leaves,
Replaying the confession in her head,
Replaying what her husband had said.


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