Dad as i call him is a unique creature. He sleeps at 3 in the morning and is up 5 hours later. He smokes around a pack of cigarettes a day but you really cant tell how many since he smokes most of them between 11PM and 3AM. He drinks around a flask and a half of tea a day. All in half cups. He likes to eat his last slice of bread in halves. Cut vertically so that the crust is even. He listens to a wide variety of music ranging from The Beatles to Snoop Dogg. He doesn’t like the Jonas Brothers. He doesn’t like western food. But he likes Western movies. He has no favourite colour, but when asked he will say its “Multi Coloured”. He doesn’t read that much but when he does its normally good books. One’s he’s taken from the Library in London. And not returned in 25 years. He likes tycoons such as Rockefeller and Howard Hughes. He doesn’t shop but amazingly has a full wardrobe. He doesnt even mind wearing long sleeve shirts in 31 degrees. He doesn’t drink unless he’s with his friends. But when stopped at check points and asked if he has been drinking he says yes. His ID hasn’t been renewed since 1986, his drivers license cannot be read and his passport is on its last 2 months. He say’s he’ll renew it.
I have to go now. The creature i call dad wants the computer. To play Spider Solitaire and search for long lost friends online.

For now


9 thoughts on “Dad

  1. LD : hes with you every minute as well 🙂

    makuluwo : yeah he is at times.

    shru : i know guys who like those fags

    ROTF : he named the last dog Rockefeller, we called him Rocky

    Dee : thats nice to hear. im waiting to read it 🙂

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