These couple of days…

Its beena ages since i’ve blogged. Been so tied up with fashion show and exams and the computer crashing on me and more exams.

Firstly exams sucked. I studied so much for computer and in the end after all that hard work sitting in front of the screen in school i barely scrapped through.

The Fashion show is getting more hectic and hectic. Its in a week exactly. Last minute practice, the master CD has to be done i have to go and do that. But its on Friday which is quite late and blah blah blah. I still have to get my clothes. Which have to be made in 6 days. Messed up i know.

The PC crashed when i needed it. I just finished fixing it. its 2.30 AM im sleepy but my body is moving towards the pleasures of Cyber connectivity which it has missed for so long.

On the good note i had a good night out on Friday Night. I was accompanied by 2 bloggers JS and POB. It was an amazing night i got home at 5 to find dad watching the Mumbai Crisis. Sis is there so we were all concerned. My only fear was that sis might take her camera and run to the hotel to take pictures and might get shot. Phew thank god nothing happened.

Im kinda low in the financial department. Im trying to work my way through but ill try.

I see Indi has written quite alot of posts since my absense. Cant wait to read them and see his lovely views of the government which i see have now moved onto to other governemnts.

Even RD has been busy. I hope he hasn’t written something like “How to do a stealth pee”. Who knows he might be working on it.

Its Christmas. Which i find is quite annoying since the radio starts playing Christmas music. Since i dont own an ipod or mp3 player i have to suffer. But thats not the bad part. Its just that i’ve been listening to Christmas music since September. Since the fashion show started and I was chosen to be the music guy. Fucking A.

I walked around Pettah last week. Got some good bargains including DVD’s for 80 bucks. Much better than getting them from Crescat or MC.

Anyhow im off now. My mouse pointed howers over the publish button and soon will find its way to the New Post button.

See you in a bit.


One thought on “These couple of days…

  1. Pcs usually crash at the wrong time..:( I remember the days of Uni, when we had assignments to hand over and how things always went wrong in the last minute.. argh!!

    All the best with exam results! and your work..:)

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