Remember the time i told you

That you accompanied the four chambers of my heart

That you were the only one who would live there?

Well… I lied

You are my Pacemaker.

The object in my heart that makes it work

Without you i would be dead.

You make my heart beat

Beating and beating you make it work

But then came a day

And you went away. Far away

You left me, and you left the world

To a place i can never go

You my Pacemaker left me without a choice

I thought i would die without as nature is cruel

But nature is more than cruel, Its wicked.

It didnt let me die.

My heart stopped working but my body continued to live

What have i become? An abmoination? A cruel joke by God?

My heart soon disapeared into the darkness of my chest

Nothing left but a void where you once were

Where you were the Pacemaker

The one that made my heart beat.


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