Have i Ever

Tagged by Jaded Shades so here goes :

Have i Ever :

Got caught making out to the girls actual boyfriend and then blaming it on the girl for not knowing that there was a boyfriend even though i knew perfectly well that she had a boyfriend(s).

Told a girl i loved her even though i didnt and now i dont have the change of saying it to her ever again.

Helped someone forget about a break up by going to third base with her.

Watched porn with girls.

Had a fish bone stuck in my throat for almost 2 days before i threw it up.

Eaten so much chocolate that i had to pull a tooth out due to the cavity

Had to get an injection but out of fear slammed the nurse against the wall, broke her hand and then ran out of the hospital chased by doctors, nurses, aides and my mother. I was eight.

Left home with the intention of never coming back but was ringing the door bell by dinner time.

I think the whole of kottu has been tagged so ill tag no one.


9 thoughts on “Have i Ever

  1. I’ve done the fourth.
    as for the fish bone thing,
    when I was 5 a fly went up my nose and until I was 10 I still thought it was stuck up there. O.o
    but the injection
    poor nurse! xD
    I’ve a friend who’s dead scared of needles… poke her arm and she’ll do just about the same.
    haha the last one is so you

  2. well now im not scared of needles. im obsessed with them

    and black light: im the unique maniac

    Fallen: Only you would think of a fly being up your nose for 5 years. and about running away mum said she was making kebbabs in the morning. so couldnt miss it! πŸ˜›

    Lady D: it was fun but i couldt do any watching since i was doing the running. hmmm your bro and i should go vandalize a hospital.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA hey i was wit u wen we ran away ryt? to d kindergarten around d corner? aunty lathas ryt? or did u try run away a second tym aftr dat?!?!

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