I always wondered why people commited suicide. Was life really that bad? Were they so blinded by misery that they couldn’t see the brighter side of life. Did they not know that when the tighten the noose or see the floor racing to catch them that they will never know the joys of life?

I’ve always thought about suicide.

“If i stop now in the middle of the road that bus will run over me and end my life.”

But i have never stopped. I always cross the road. Why?

Because im addicted to living.


11 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. I’ve always played with death.
    I always jaywalk when I cross, sometimes stopping right in between two vehicles.
    It’s… exhilarating… sort of like a near death experience…
    I second MiddleChild
    Well said indeed.

    I think I’m addicted to life too
    I wonder what withdrawal symptoms I’d suffer when I die though.

  2. you crossed the road coz u were afraid of being run over by the bus…the people who suicide are often categorized as cowards…but it needs a hell of a lot of courage to attempt suicide …..(just think about it)

  3. well, there’s another answere for the “why did the chicken cross the road?” question.. because he was not suicidal.. LOL

    then again.. dying is not an easy thing to do.. i mean. killing ur ownself, coz no matter what ppl say, we LOVE ourselves the most.. and the desire to live almost over powers anything else.. unless of coz there is a SERIOUS problem with the person..

    so its not because ur addicted to live.. its more that U love ur ownself…. thats what drives all the animals to existence.. without that we’d all just wait around and perish.. end of life on earth.

  4. Well I also used to think that people who are attempting it are sorta dumb. Not anymore. I have the closest possible experience… oh hell, long story in short – she, the love of my life, my X, decided she had it enough… I never thought it was possible…
    But I came to realize that when people really, I mean REALLY had it enough… they prefer death…

  5. exactly! That’s what it didn’t see the point of it – to mean there was no reason for you to die.
    But for someone else who really had it enough (as the latter said)suicide may seem better than living. It is not choice that leads to suicide but the situation..

  6. You can’t ever have it so tough that dying is the better option. People who don’t see that seriously need a reality check.

    “Oh boo hoo, my cat died and everyone made fun of me while dancing on my father’s grave, I think I’ll go forward my expiry date a bit.”

    Hormones, mental illness, whatever. That’s the only thing that could push aside your survival instinct.

  7. man dats deep… i tink ppl commit suicide cos ppl r not “realists” like us… we are realists, ppl who dont live in “dream worlds”… if sumthing bad happns den we just accept it and move on… we dont contemplate takin our own life just because someone broke up wit us or we faild exams… dats my opinion…

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