6″3 London Girl

So its Sunday and while i read the magazines and dad reads the classifelds, My mother reads the marriage proposals.

She read one out to me :

Muslim family in London looking for suitable partner for their daughter. (I thought of LondonLanka straight away)

The catch. Shes 6 foot 3 inches.



3 thoughts on “6″3 London Girl

  1. oh and here’s 2 that i remember…
    there was a 33 yr old man who was looking for an older woman in the age of 38…:)
    and a man of 54 who was looking for a bride 20 yrs younger to him!!!! he’s divorced and has no kids and doesnt smoke and drink…

    I like to read them sometimes coz it can make you laugh… and I mean really laugh!!:) those descriptions I tell ya!

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