So yesterday this religious guy came home to bless the family and ward our house away from the “evil eye”. I don’t buy that crap. Its not even part of the religion its some stupid superstitious rubbish that was adapted from the tribal times back in the day. Its still practiced today and even my sister says she wont bother with it later.

Moving from superstitious rubbish he ventures into numerology. He starts calculating couples saying if they will work or wont work. Its quite a load of crap but my mother seems to look into it deeply. He matched my sister to a bunch of guys.

So soon he divided us into elements. Saying that each element shows our personality and we belong to each.

Earth – A stable, steady person. Unmoved and such

Water – An adaptive person who easily molds he/her self to the current situation

and then there’s Wind. Which Iam. A free spirit that goes where ever. I guess iam of that sort. Im not entirely focused. And if i do get focused i get quite dangerous.

Which element do you think you are and why?


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