Out off the senses the one i’ve most grateful for is my eye sight. Its no the best, i do wear glasses and without them i cannot see the floor but still im grateful that i can see. When i meditate i always close my eyes and listen to everything around me. Sensing the world like a blind man would.

I feel deeply sorry for those who are born blind. For starters they themselves won’t be able to read this post, or my blog or ever yours. A person who is born blind only knows the colour black. Nothing more nothing less. How can you describe anything to them? They may be able to feel the wall, hear the sound when you hit it. But how will they see it in their head?

They cannot tell what colour is.

If you say its “Yellow”. How are they supposed to know what yellow is when they haven’t seen it?

This is just something for you to ponder about…

Once in a while take a blind fold and walk around the garden. Be grateful.

 Feel the world like a blind person would. Face the world like a blind person would.


6 thoughts on “Blind

  1. I have thought of exactly the same thing before… scary.. and sad..
    I too have terrible eye-sight.. I was told the possibility of going blind in maybe one eye at a later age.. but hopefully by that time, if my eye sight gets stable, i might be able to get something done…

    I dont have to be blindfolded.. if i just take off my glasses and look around, i will not be able to see the person right next to me.. it’s one but blurry world and that scares me a LOT…

    So yea…. I could debate this in many ways.. but then, it’s what we get… and what we need to be thankful for..

    However, what i hate is kids and people who think it’s ‘cool’ to wear glasses and want to get glasses badly…. i hate that!!!! 😀

  2. I do that a lot
    I wouldn’t call it meditating though
    Just lying on the floor between the speakers
    And listening to music
    Paying attention to the slightest details
    Trying to paint a picture using only what I hear

  3. Most blind people do have some light perception, and many are legally blind or blind as a result of deteriorating vision. Even if someone is blind from birth, he or she can know the world around them by using the other senses.

    And blind people can read your blog quite readily–using braille. Where you and I might use a regular keyboard, a blind or vision-impaired person will use a braille display.

    While eyesight is important, there are so many worse things in the world than being blind. It’s an aspect of who you are, not a definition of who you are.

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