A kottu meetup?

I always had this in mind. A meetup where all the kottu members get together at someplace (barefoot maybe?) It would have been ideal for us to do this crazy idea of mine when londonlanka was in town. Now hes back in England, 40 something still living with his parents.I meet some kottu bloggers on a regular basis. Them being shadesofjade, ravana and themissingsandwich. But what about the others?

DeeCee seems like a crazy, wacko person who will assist me in annoying a short and talkative Dinidu. We could hide his camera and watch him squirm. Deanne would join in but only verbally to debate about the rubbish Dinidu puts up on his blog. I’d say hes a good writer but sometimes the topics are a bit off. Lady D and i would probably have a smoke together with the other kottu smokers. But apparently she has stopped which is good for her. Angel probably will be the last person to come. She must have been busy helping the nation unlike us who decided to meet each and socialize.

Indi will grace us with his presence. Like a teacher to his students, a leader to his people. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. His conversation requires people to know alot about todays world and its happenings. Im not that well informed so ill listen in awe as Indi tells me the state of Wall Street. St Fallen i’ve known all my life and i can see him preaching his views to other keen listeners. The Sansonis will obviously be there since we are at Barefoot. David Blacker will be present as well. In the conversation circle with Indi discussing politics and what not. I hope Brandon Ingram can make it. I want him to sign my copy of The Fairy Dance which i must say is a well written book.

Photographers Yanik and Sebastians will probably be taking pictures of the meetup. While Gallicissa chases after the sky in search of a bird. Tavish and i will probably me chilling with the above mentioned in hopes of getting tips and maybe an internship? πŸ™‚

Well this is all in my head well its quite a crazy head. It could happen though in the future. If it does dont forget to invite me πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “A kottu meetup?

  1. Indi will grace us with his presence.


    Meet-Up is a good idea, but I can’t organize events for shit. If someone wants to. Would be ideal when London Lanka is in town. Maybe even at the Galle Lit Fest (Jan, I think).

  2. This seems a cool idea. I’m new to the Blogsphere, and don’t know most of you guys – any of you, come to think of it. But think I will be around for a while and get to know you all. So do count me in if anything is gonna happen.

  3. hm…..interesting proposal my man. yer yer…BUT, is it worth giving up my mysterious alluring anonymity for? hm…let me ponder on that and get back to you. πŸ˜‰
    Although the thought of annoying Dinidu is vastly tempting. *grin*

    Galle lit fest!? Whozza!!!

  4. hmmm…. sure does sound cool… BUT, I too have the same question in mind…. about giving up the anonymity… and by now loads of people know the life of LD…:)

    but sure does sound fun.. and hey, one cig won’t hurt right??? πŸ˜€

  5. Well I’d definitely be up for it if I was in town at the time. An opportunity to meet Dinidu and give him a good kicking can’t be missed!

  6. anonymity… hmmmm
    well thats you choice…

    RD when will you be in town next?
    LD i really dont want to be the reason for you to start again. but then again. its your choice.

    so we’ll organize it. A meet up at the Galle Lit fest where i guess most of us will be there… time will tell.

  7. deffa!
    well who would these keen listeners be? πŸ˜›

    as for anonymity
    well anyone who reads your blog knows you more than the others in your life
    letting us know your name and what you look like won’t change anything will it?
    If you feel comfortable posting it on the www for everyone to see, why not face to face?
    It’s a personal choice anyway
    I’m up for it (:

  8. Ahamed – I’m not sure when I’ll be in town next at the moment. Maybe Jan, but it’s only a maybe right now. Will keep you posted though.

  9. Wow would love to meet up… might wear a mask though and pretend it’s one of those masquerade things! πŸ™‚ Actually barefoot sounds more realistic than Galle (for me anyway) as I will be continuously working (and on-call) around that time of the year! 😦

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