The Long weekend

For most of you it wasnt quite a long weekend. For me it was, since school decided to not open and let us devils in on monday so i had a very 4 day long holiday.

The weekend came out nicely. Full of Counter Strike playing and internet working. Probably the longest i’ve been online without blogging. I spent saturday night at a party to the soon to be closed Waters Edge. Some mishap involving Chandrika and her buddy Ronny. Now its government property. Who knows since Mahinda has a habit of taking over things he probably would make Waters Edge his new home. Golf course and all. The party was alright. Well it was after the pre party in the car park.

I got home by 2.30 and didn’t sleep till 5 something happened then but im not going to tell you ;). Our cab door had a sticker saying “Please door slowly”. So we all did.

When i woke up on Sunday it was 11ish. Went down to see mother was about to make brownies. Seeing me she ran away to her love (the television) and left me with the unbaked brownie batter. Which after 2 hours and a pinch of nescafe turned into lovely dark chocolate brownies. I would love to have given you guys a piece but i really dont want to be part of the reason that Lady D will die of Diabetes.

I actually studied on Sunday. It made me feel better. So i dropped the remaining brownies off at my neighbours place to share the love. I spent the rest of the night listening to music and messaging someone saying that i missed her at the party.

Monday went by like a breeze. Woke up in the morning, burnt some music cds for the up coming fashion show (which i will mention a bit more deeply in another post) and around 4 went over to jadedshades house. She was at home and has been feeling a bit lonely these days so i decided to go keep her company accompanied by aussie boy. We decided to go to Cafe du Monde and greatly regretted it as the prices were more killer than Cinnamon Grande! The cookies were crap this time as well.

We returned to her place and i came across one of Ravana’s books titled : “The Art of Japanese Bedfighting :Picked up from where the Kamasutra ended”. Naturally the word kamasutra automatically made me open the book the same way a kottu reader clicks on titles with the words “boobs, porn or sex” in them.

I expected some crazy japanese sex as they are probably the weirdest trend setting people around. But nope. It was actually bed fighting. How to hit with pillows and the use of the feathers and the body’s ‘tickle points’ and even black and white photographs showing how to.Utterly confused i put the book down and showed jadedshades a picture of 2 in the stinko. She winced and walked away.I spent the remaining monday sleeping even though it was only 10pm.

I’ve started driving around alot these days. Im getting more comfortable with driving. There is an occasional pedestrian or vehicle that makes me want to put the shutter down and swear in filth but i calm myself down. And anyway im not that fluent in Sinhala slang and the shutter doesnt work.

Today i spent the morning at school at Fashion Show practices. I need to work out music for Christmas themes. Been listening to so much Christmas music i’m beginning to be sick of the season to be jolly.

Sis is coming at the end of the month. She’s bringing me something for my birthday its the new Eragon book. Cant wait to test out her new lens which i know is crap for my kind of shooting.

Anyway back to school tomorrow. Work for most of you guys. Hope it goes well. Be happy its mid week. I wont be happy since im in trouble in school. No worries.

For now


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