My Wishlist

Things that i would buy if i had the money…

  • Canon 50D or whatever comes out later. And some good lenses
  • Apple ipod touch 16 gig or more.
  • Sony Ericcson w660i – im currently looking to buy this.
  • A good laptop – either Dell, HP or Alienware
  • An Ace of Spades tattoo on the back of my leg.
  • A monthly supply of Nuttella.
  • A back packing photo taking trip to a heavily cultural country. Aiming for Nepal or Indonesia.
  • A few good books to read before sleeping.

9 thoughts on “My Wishlist

  1. hmmm…
    mine would include a whole load of deviations I’ve fave’d
    I have 40 gigs of music and I listen to all of it so I need an 80 gig iPod or I’ll wait till there’s an iPod touch with high capacity hehe jan 15th Jobbs tells us what’s up their sleeves xD
    I don’t know why I love my phone so much LOL
    I want a laptop, dad won’t get me one though… have to wait till I leave -.-
    oooh I want a calligraphy tattoo done on my back saying St.Fallen (or something) ; )
    I want a monthly supply of weed. oh wait, I have that xP
    I want to run away! I’ve already asked my Persian goddess about it ; )
    I wanna finish writing my book before I leave =|

  2. Man… why do people want to stuff themselves with so much electronic stuff?

    If I had the money, I’d put everything aside, pack a bag with only the necessary items, and as for electronic stuff I would take only the camera, and go a trip around the world.

    Visit as much places as I want. And no phone or internet all that time! LOL

    I want to see the Pyramids of Egypt, I wanna climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I wanna see teh Louver Musium and the Londom Musium, I wanna see the Taj-Mahal, Grand Canyon, A Safari in Africa, Possibly a trip to Iceland or somewhere – to see the glaciers, A full trip in Rome, nice realxing holiday in Hawaii… oh man the list goes on…

  3. Never ask what sort of computer a guy drives. If he’s a Mac user, he’ll tell you. If not, why embarrass him?

    Tom Clancy

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm impressive wish list. i must also make up my own wish list hehehe wanna give me some points to enter my wish list if you dont mind??

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