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My mums been watching alot of NDTV recently. She knows more about the issues in India than the issues in Sri Lanka. Watching NDTV is like reading the Daily News seeing how much we’re winning the war and then reading the Daily Mirror which tells us that we lost another 9 soldiers. There is so much drama in India, everyday is like an episode of 24.

The currents news is of a Christian Nun who has been raped by some Hindus. People just stopped and stared as she was raped and the police didnt even bother doing anything about it after she complained. Its been a few weeks since this episode has happened but its still on the news. The next problem in India where 25 people we killed in a conflict between Hindus and Muslims over a bunch of cows. There was also this time where some rich fellow had run over a poor homeless fellow… for the second time. While Indian News TV bases itself mainly on pressing matters of the country the newspapers take a much lighter side.

The Indian News papers is just like its food. Hot and spicy, served on a cold tray and can lead to bad after effects. To Indians everything is news. They have 2 newspapers a day to prove it. Their headlines vary from communal violence to bollywood superstars to fried phones.

When we read the Hit Add we look for items such as phones, cars, houses etc. But in India the classifieds contain call girls, sex joints, escorts and what not. You get adds claiming foreign hookers, English speaking escorts and authentic, experienced, exotic girls. Nothing beats the agony aunties we have there. 70% of the people talk about is their sex life. An interesting letter was about this woman who wrote that it takes along time for her husband to get an erection. She signed off as “Long but not hard”.  Imagine if her husband new that she was letting 20 million people (Mumbai) read about his penis problem.

The morning paper is more serious. The funnies reside in the afternoon paper. Since all the good headlines are taken by the early bird the afternoon paper is left with headlines such as “Film Directors’ phone fries as she takes plunge into pool” or “Salman Kahn gets new haircut”

Maybe its weird to us seeing 2 hour talk shows dedicated to Cricket. Or that Lankans aren’t used to sharing their sex life and problems with the rest of the world. (Soixante Neuf is an exception) but its my blog and i can say what i want 🙂

With drama like this no wonder India have 24/7 news channels Compared to Sri Lanka where we sum up the day in 31 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Indian News

  1. “The Indian News papers is just like its food. Hot and spicy, served on a cold tray and can lead to bad after effects.”
    Have you actually read The Hindu? It’s so well written and classy! No way, totally don’t agree with this statement!

  2. i didnt mean the way its written. i meant its content.
    how controversial each topic is… the freedom that they write with is limitless and normally gets them whole country/state in an uproar.

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