Dialog vs Airtel – The Alcohol Conversation

This conversation took part ages ago. The location was a neighboring house where the boys got together to drink before one of parts to foreign soil. Drinks poured onward and soon after 1 of the two bottles had finished the alcoholism in all of us decided to speak about much more serious topics than “that girls ass.”
The participants of the conversation were all male, from different backgrounds of work and none were married. We had an auditor (A) , a medical student (MD), a couch potato(CP), a Dialog employee (D), a Chinese (chingchong) , an innocent bystander (#), a south Indian (0) and Me.

The Conversation started off with A asking D if he got any offers from the new incoming mobile service operator giant Airtel. D did but he refused since Dialog will soon increase their wages. He also added that Airtel wont stand a chance. I agreed as Dialog did have the home pitch advantage and was already established with its 4 million customers. MD however disagreed. He agreed that yes Dialog will win the first part of the battle. But since Airtel was an Indian company and MD did grow up around Indians he was sure that they would break the dialog barrier. MD kept on saying until the end of our discussion : “They’re fucking Indians, they’ll find a way”
CP muttered something along the lines of “Indians are cunning” but we could never make it out.
# agreed with MD. Not about Airtel being run by Indians but that they will sooner or later grab the market. It may take them years but eventually they will do it.
D: How will they do that?
A: They will have to give out free handsets.
Chingchong : I dont mind a free handset
Me : Thats because your Chinese. And MD you really think your lovely Indians will give free stuff?
MD : They’re fucking Indians, they’ll find a way.
Me : What do you say 0?
0 : Huh? What are we talking about?

So yes Airtel will have to get free handsets to get the market. There are 20 million people on this country and around 6 million have mobile phones. There is still 14 million phone less people for Airtel to take. They can give them free handsets. But they must be warned. Most of that 14 million are farmers and villagers who dont really need a mobile phone. So why give them a free handset if they’re not going to use it?
A : Airtel has the money
D : You dont think dialog doesn’t?
chingchong : touchy, touchy,
Me : Airtel has waaaaaaay more money than Dialog.
# : Thats true
MD : Thats cause they’re fucking Indians.
Me : Anyway every company when entering the market has to first loose money before they gain any from that economy.
D: Did you know that Airtel has been trying to enter the market for a long time? But we’ve been stopping them. Stopping them from getting the license by using our friends in the Parliment.
Me: Did he just admit that Dialog has been bribing/throwing in favours to stop Airtel.
D: otherwise! We’re Sri Lankan!
MD : But they’re fucking Indian!

Soon night became to day and i had to go for rowing. Downing my last drink me, DD and 0 left.
But seriously am i going to be contacting people on Airtel numbers in the future? Will i be handling two phones one which i got since they were giving it free?

Only time will tell.
But till then i pass the Airtel building everyday back from school. Wondering what must be going on in there. They’re probably having the same conversation that we had on that night.


8 thoughts on “Dialog vs Airtel – The Alcohol Conversation

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  3. hahahahaha… i remember dat nyt… was hilraiously fun lmao!!!!

    ok…. i kno dat MD is moi, “me” is u…. A is a certain brother from another mother, D is the one who stays waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road towards south, chingchong is basically the chingchong… south indian is the one who stays near the kovil, but who on earth are the couch potato and the innocent ones?

  4. LOL the good old debate.

    Actually I personally know the CEO of AirTel Lanka, she’s an Aunt of one of my great friends. She was very reluctant to give us any info, but somehow we got some stuff out of her. For one, they don’t really care about short term profits, which is the right way to do business if you ask me.

    Besides, Dlg became really shit lately with very high call costs. I myself switched to Mobitel last year.

    I think AirTel will do it…

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