The Facebook Love Affair

It started out with A adding B after seeing B’s display picture. A was shy to talk so instead A poked B. Amazingly B poked back.

So the poking continued for months. Sometimes they poked twice a day. Soon A decided to write on B’s wall. They spoke about everything available and poked each other occasionally.

Then soon the new facebook™ chat was installed and they chatted online. Sometimes they would cancel social events just so that they could stay and home and chat to each other.

They both went through their pictures and added flirty comments and flirt/fought over how each of them looked.

Soon A asked B out on facebook and their relationship status changed to “in a relationship” this made others ponder and made A and B happy. B’s friend C would ask who is this guy? And she would say “the best man in the world”

C soon got jealous of the happiness and decided to do something about her loneliness.

So one day A gets up to check on his facebook. Waiting for his love’s page. They were not ‘married’ on facebook. He couldn’t be happier. He see’s that he has been poked by A and by C!

Strange. He even has a new message in his private inbox. He checks it. Its from C. “Won’t be any harm in talking to her” So they soon private message. They poke each other. B is oblivious to all of this, she has faith in her A.

A was falling for C. She was the thrill that he needed. Something B can never give him. Soon he and C were more involved that A and B. Hidden in the world of private messages, bumper stickers and graffitti. What began as harmless not became dangerous. If she ever found out.

Soon C didnt want this to be a secret. She wrote about how much she loved A. On his wall for the world to see.

Her heart broke, Yes it did. Poor B. She didnt want to believe it. But it was confirmed when A changed their relationship status from married to “its complicated”.

Facebook ended for her. She poked him for the last time. Before removing him from her friend list.


19 thoughts on “The Facebook Love Affair

  1. Oh I can imagine this happening all too easily, 😀 if it isn’t a real story already. I’ve seen it happen through sms, & sms’s dont even have pictures or bio’s 😛

  2. well firstly persons whos name i dont know. but i reckon is a friend of my sisters… your wrong on both counts
    its not vivid imagination its normal imagination and its not actually drama its writing.

  3. Hahahha can relate to this lol but in my case,he just started getting real quiet. I googled his name,dear Lord his on countless social networks with many female friends!!! What The….???

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