My kind of girl

According to a study conducted by my sister and i at various places in 2 different countries we (more she) has summed up certain features or factors that women have that attract me. Some points have been added by me as i should know what really catches my eye and what i would want in a woman. They are as follows

I am attracted to women :

  • who have tattoos
  • who smoke. not too much tho. lets say socially.
  • who have a good sense of fashion.
  • who has a good body (which guy wouldn’t say that)
  • who wear sexy underwear 😉
  • are easy going and dont fuss too much.
  • will assist me in my daily psycho ness.
  • who will tell me to stop if im going overboard on anything… silently.
  • who are fair, slim with dark hair preferably (yes i know i sound like the Sunday paper marriage proposal page.
  • have some experience in the bases.
  • who have good taste in music.
  • who likes literature, but not to much of it.
  • who wont worry for me unless it is the time to worry.
  • who doesn’t wear too much of make up

They may not always be accurate but it is the general picture.

Anyone out there (female please) who gets atleast a 7/14… Hi 😉


14 thoughts on “My kind of girl

  1. desperate uve gotten…..
    noone can really fit in2 a mould…
    ull feel it wen u see her n den ull know it…n dat girl mite not hav any of the qualities u’ve listed above…wait another 5 years and see….n dat list is gonna hav a lotta changes

  2. @ creating havoc : thank you for sharing

    @ dili : im searching…

    @ jadeshades : yes probably but even though you both fit into the category the perfect girl is the mix of both of you’ll im finding it quite hard to find that type of girl. Oh and even if you do fit into the category i really dont think i can have any feelings for the two of you’ll since you guys are my favorite girls 🙂

    @ LD : yes i know what to do. hmmm age…

    @ sis : i know men. sick of all the flings need to get a steady woman. the list will probably change but always live in the present.

  3. good stuff! interesting how you don’t seem to need someone loving or caring… which is basically all I care about… ya ya… I’m old fashioned 😉

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