Well Ive been missing for a while, been busy with the usual. Wait do i even have a usual? Well my days have gone quite decently.

Google Chrome is pretty cool. Give it some more time and it will give the fox a run for its money

I tried Second Life, quite addictive. Although i have quite a decent first life so i wont be investing in another one.

With this post i will be able to see if kottu is casting my posts. Its a real bubble burst-er to see only 30 people check your blog out for a day.

My uncle had a chest pain. He says he enjoyed it since he gets to skip 5 days of work.

I had this impulse to get a lip ring. Friends talked me out of it. Wonder what it would feel like to kiss someone with a lip ring. I know for a fact that tongue rings feel good when getting head.

I’ve started driving back from school. Can’t be bothered driving in the morning too sleepy. Plus the driver has to do something other than pull the hand brake when i try to show my colours to commuters.

I need to update my photo blog badly!

Saving some money to get my tattoo at the end of the month. Fingers crossed

My birthday is coming up. Going to be 18. I have no idea what to do… Not a person who celebrates birthdays much but ill think of something

A friend of mine got very touchy cause i didn’t tell her about certain things. Not the closest friend just a friend. Women sigh women.

Officially stopped clubbing. Am sick of Zanziba. Someone please find a new club! The last time i went there i saw all these kids that reminded me that im old. I guess that what my sister and her friends saw in me.

I am at the moment working on a video to promote the bad effects of drug and alcohol. It takes telling twice to make people believe.

Ill soon start posting soon. Have somethings on my drafts that i need to get rid of. Stay tuned 🙂


10 thoughts on “Update

  1. Haven’t gone clubbing for so long that I can barely remember what it was like.

    But hang on – you’re not even 18 and the clubs are full of kids that make you feel old?

    Dude, I’m closer to it than you are, but I’d hate to see what middle age will do to you. 🙂

  2. @ reeve : to be honest i was always crazy

    @ DC : Im planning on getting Chaos in chinese on my right arm and maybe something on my leg. yeah clubbing is a phase i’d rather chill at home.

    @ Dulan : its sri lanka man there are more underage kids in clubs than legal people. if im 18 and im sick of clubbing imagine the people that do go to clubs that make me old…

    @ LD : if we do meet ill probably wish i was 24 and you’d probably wish you were 18. no wait im happy being 18

    @ Shru : ill be there sooner than u think 😉

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