In the Dark

In the Dark a child hides, away from an abusive father.

In the Dark a rat scampers away from an open field, fear of its sky predators.

In the Dark lovers entwine, pleasing one another.

In the Dark a dog barks, at the Devil passing by.

In the Dark her clothes glow, to attract more customers on her corner.

In the Dark he is unseen, to the family on the other side of the window.

In the Dark the loudest noise is Silence.

In the Dark Death walks, collecting more victims.

In the Dark his hand finds hers, and they hold on forever.

In the Dark a secret is locked away, like a precious treasure.

In the Dark dirty things crawl, hiss and strike.

In the Dark a door splinters, stairs creak and groan.

In the Dark you can see forever.

In the Dark any sound, brings monsters.

In the Dark a door slams.

In the Dark your heart sounds like its coming for you.

In the Dark those who deserve it, should be thought to fear the dark.

In the Dark no one hears you scream, no one.

In the Dark secrets are set free.

In the Dark there is no light, no mercy, no hope.

In the Dark a city screams

They say there’s nothing there in the dark there isn’t in the light. They’re wrong. In the Dark there is always Fear.


8 thoughts on “In the Dark

  1. its not supposed to outline fear. it just outlines the dark. and im not exactly sure what i was writing about when i wrote this.
    anyway its not supposed to go along the lines of fear.

    im working on the fear one 😉
    stay tuned

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