So yesterday a close friend of mine left to go to University. She and i met at the beginning of the year but got closer over the summer. I was getting ready to go to her house. Give her a gift and say my final goodbye. In the car i was going through the things that i would and wouldn’t say to her. A filtering process of sorts. So my mind soon laid out what i was supposed to say and options and replies if questions or event turners pop up.
I arrived outside her house typing “Im outside” on a text message that will soon beep and appear on the other side of the wall. I got out with the box containing her gifts. It was nothing fancy, more “special” as the two gifts meant something. I got out of the car and waited soon the door opened and she walked out. Everything that i had planned to say was whipped clean by her cheshire smile. I smiled weekly and gave her my gift. We spoke, said our goodbye’s and left.
On the way back the sadness oozed in.
I’ve said goodbye to so many people this summer new and old. Some cause of fights others by flights.

Its really hard saying bye to someone that’s really close to you… If so would you not get close to someone?


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