For you

We met once, a long time ago,
whipped out hellos and exchanged goodbyes.
Our city of words were very small then,
but now it is an empire, how time flies

We spoke about exams and literature,
We spoke about poems and pictures too.
We spoke about siblings and tattoos
i wouldn’t have started writing if it wasn’t for you

We fear for the future of night life,
and the generations to come ahead.
we feared that there will be no one to party,
like the way we did long after we’re dead.

We spoke about our deepest fears,
Mine loss; yours solitude.
you deep gorge of literature was easy to get lost in,
poems and plays about love and family feuds.

We liked to contradict alot of things,
From Sri Lankan slang to Asian authors.
Maybe we are snobs with swollen heads,
Or maybe we see the truth unlike everyone else.

We are a sinners we are saints,
We’ll find each other outside heavens gates
We hang on the thin line between Heaven and Hell.
If the Devil wanted your soul would you sell?

We laughed at boys who think they knew you.
We laughed at certain boys and their obsession about you
We laughed at alot of other people we knew
We even laughed about me and you.

And now your gone, far far away
Who knows, i may never see you again.
All the fun we’ve had in such a short time
The fun that ended before it could begin.

The poem is for someone special i know. She gone now but she will be back soon. And i didnt rip this poem of the net like another certain someone we know 😉


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