I hate people who hate the new facebook

Then leave. No one is asking you to stay and use the new layout. The people who petition are mainly people who joined facebook lets say an year ago. If you’ve been on facebook for long than a year like i have you would have realized the large amount of changes facebook has been through.

Message to you guys who keeps inviting me for these groups : Stop bitching and get used to the new layout. Soon its going to be permenant.

Just because a few 1000 people join these groups the developers are not going to change it.


5 thoughts on “I hate people who hate the new facebook

  1. i kinda like the new layout. when the apps all started rolling out i started missing the old facebook that used to be there 3 years ago when i first joined it via uni (and no random stalkers could join the network then!) i really missed the clean profile page where you had only the wall and the details of that person. with the apps the pages got longer and more crowded – kind of like myspace and hi5. But now i guess the developers have thought about it and have come up with the present layout which i like very much. At first it was a bit hard to find my way around, but now i know it like the back of my hand! the wall is in a nice and neat separate tab, the apps come in a separate tab, so if i dont want to see them on someone’s page – i just dont have to click it!

    Bottomline – the new facebook is smart, sleek and cool. i love it!

  2. Hi.. just a humble comment/question please don’t be mad at me, but I kinda like the old layout too 🙂 But I must qualify this statement and say that I am not a facebook pro. I have been on FB for a while, but have never put enough time in, to managing the apps and arranging the space and so on. Why I don’t like the new version is that the moment I switch to the new version, adverts come up on the right hand side of the scree. My eyes get distracted. On the old version, ads come up in an obscure left hand corner, I never notice them. But please do tell.. is the new layout much better? (email false – sorry)

  3. Actually FB used to be a lot of user driven…. if u were there for more than 3 years (Way before FB went public) a lot of changes were changed because people petitioned for it… (like privacy settings, Application request refusals etc)

    The good thing about FB is that it listens to popular opinion..

    I find tht people who petione are the ppl who used FB for the longest.. most people just hate the way the wall operates in the new Facebook…

  4. @ hash – thats what im talking about. its so much cleaner and easier to use. the pervious facebook used to take ages to load with all the applications on the same page. its one of the reasons they started using seperate tabs. yeah there are so many stalkers on facebook now its like hi5!

    @ uhu – hmmm yes the adds are a bit of a turn off and are more eye catching. but its what pays the folks at facebook so might as make it the brightest 😉

    @ Acromantula – yes you are right. but facebook became so slow with the applications. facebook was built for meeting people with common interests and being social. the new facebook makes that look much better. it filters out all the crap like the applications and makes it easier to use.

    Anyway i still like facebook cause it allows me to stay in touch with my friends the main purpose of it. Not to play games and raise furry pets.

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