Growing old & Life

So you start by going to Montesori where your only worries are whether your mother packed a nice lunch or whether your hanky is pinned on to your top and jerry tee shirt right.

Then you move on to primary school where you carry books to school and you do exams. You start crushing on girls and talking about them with your parents at the dinner table.

Then your in secondary school where studying is needed and exams are a bit of an issue if failed. Love and fights break out and you start to see who your real friends are.

Now your in Senior school where all the teachers remind you of your Ordinary Levels and how its your first hurdle. Any exam failed here would mean living with the shame that you couldn’t move on with the people who you came with.

You move onto doing your Advanced Levels, by now you should have decided what you want to do in life. Everyday is a rollercoaster of studies. Social life is only for those who dare. Girl friends. Out of the question!

So its almost the end of the year. You’ve sent university applications and you await their verdict, bitten off nails litter the floor. The last hurdle of school is almost over. Once you jump it your ready for the big world. That is if you get accepted to University.

Now your in University. Its just like school but more freedom and you and your classmates are doing the same thing. You dont see much of your school friends they are all over the globe and are slowly getting replaced by your new friends.

Three to eight years later you leave university bid farewell to all your “peas in the pod” friends and start looking for a job in the industry you just spent years learning. Your university friends now get replaced with your work friends. You income is consumed to things you never thought of when you were in school. Rent, petrol, monthly groceries all leech your income.

Now your life begins.


6 thoughts on “Growing old & Life

  1. me like! no me love!
    deffa true…what one stage of your life was like is no indication of what the othres will be like. you can go from being nobody to prom queen and…vice-vers too 🙂

  2. uh huh, I had girl friends since I could crawl. Middle and High school were breeze as I had my brothers and sisters to help me. University was a invitation since three generations studied there. I started working there since I got my last possible degree. Only last week I took another job and realized, universities pay peanuts! The problem with work is that I have to travel 160 KM round trip to work.
    Man I hate to know what it will be after getting married!

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  4. Well its somewhat true. But see, sometimes your friends might not chose the university path, instead they land jobs earlier, and they start other coursesat the same time. That way, they are worrying about petrol,rent,etc plus how to get through your exams, and there is no freedom at all. I of course think that the world is changing, and uni is probably not the only solution after school. But true, your friends do get replaced, and that is really very sad. But like Shru said, c’est la vie, mes amis.

    Loads of Love and friendship always A.N!

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