The Walker Story – Part 1

Daisy Walker was a good woman, wife and mother. The same could not be said for he ex husband. He was a loving man but he loved his whiskey alot more than his family. He always wanted the best for his family. Even if it meant going into deep with the mob. And that’s what happened to him.

It was just another Friday. Except Daisy was dropping the kids off at their grand parents house rather than Hectors as he was “out of town on business”.

“Business” she wished. The liar. A sigh of disappointment escaped her as she rested her head on the steering wheel. She looked up the kids had gone inside. Grandma must have made some cookies for the children. They loved her cookies. Suddenly she sensed it. She wasn’t alone in the car. She looks at the rear view mirror only to see an arm attack her, armed with a syringe.

She woke up. Her eyes focused in the dim lit room. Her head felt groggy like she had been hit on the head. She couldn’t move her arms. They were tied to a chair. She was tied to a chair. She struggled to move but it was no use. She slumped in the chair in defeat. The room was long, the only light present was a small bulb in the middle of the ceiling. The sounds of water dripping and rats squeaking were only heard. She came to realize she was in a sewer. Alot more questions were filling her groggy head when there was movement behind the door. The door opened and an unnatural blinding light filled the room. The light was soon shadowed by a body being thrown into the room. The body crumpled at Daisy’s feet she looked up at the man who followed the body. He was tall around 6 foot 5 inches, he appeared to have missed a few meals since he was unnaturally thin. He wore a black suit with a blood red tie. In his hand was a revolver.

The crumpled man came around. It was Hector; Daisy’s ex husband. He scrambled on all fours to the corner of the room his face painted with terror. He looked up at the women he loved and whispered

“Im sorry”

Then the red suited man shot him in the head with the revolver.

To be continued


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